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What the frack?

In Blog on December 2, 2012 at 3:24 pm

So I heard on the news today that despite worries over safety and the exploitation of over 60 per cent of the British countryside, Ministers are preparing to push for the exploration of shale gas otherwise known as fracking.

What is fracking?

Fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is an expensive technique and process used to retrieve natural gases such as shale and coal bed methane. Before getting to the source of natural gas, energy companies must build a massive drill capable of drilling up to 20,000 ft. Upon drilling, mass amounts of water and chemicals are pumped through the bore hole at high pressures to calm the flow making the gas easier to retrieve.

Why is fracking a problem?

In America there were some horrifying byproducts of Fracking such as contaminated rivers and lakes used for drinking water, earthquakes and gas leaks which are currently irreversible. People living nearby a Fracking drill often complain about health problems such as headaches, loss of senses and some have been known to contract serious terminal illnesses like Cancer.

Shale gas in Lancaster.

Shale gas in Lancaster.

Previous attempts at hydralic fracturing in the UK have demonstrated how unstable the process is. In Blackpool a trial run on a developing site, caused minor earthquakes worrying nearby residents and others around the North West.

Maps, drawn up by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and seen by The Independent, show the extent of potential development.

They suggest more than 32,000 square miles – or 64 per cent of the countryside – could potentially be exploited for shale gas and is being considered for exploration licences. – The Independent

This statement above worries me the most… There are countless sustainable alternatives, free alternatives! Yet because there is no profit in them large companies will cease to be interested… Chancellor George Osborne sees gas as an economic fuel for the UK, despite the climate concerns.This socio-economic and political agenda must be stopped but what can we do?

To find out more and what you can do visit this websites below:


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