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The importance of uncertainty

In Blog on December 3, 2012 at 10:13 am

In order to understand uncertainty it is important to know the basic definition which is to be uncertain; not able to be relied on; not known or definite.

dailythinkUncertainty isn’t a tragic anthropological condition some people believe it to be. It is a fundamental and extremely important survival instinct noticeable within all living organisms, without which countless species would fail to exist. In conscious or sentient species uncertainty is a cognitive adaptation and enables an individual to form a decision within any situation to avoid as an example, a threat from a predator. This behavior however is also noticeable within species of flora such as poison ivy; which releases urushiol (an organic allergen) to protect itself from herbivores.

In relation to science and understanding the nature of the universe, uncertainty is a fundamental principle. If we remain certain about a particular law of physics for example we are limited to our understanding of the observable universe and many of our observations may conflict with said law.

It is with the diversity and collective reasoning of millions of people around the world that we have formed what I would like to call an alpha understanding of the universe. From this alpha (or first) understanding there is a basis for us to expand our knowledge by acknowledging that we are unsure of what we know.

When I hear people of religion, spirituality and superstition claiming to know the nature of life, you have to ask where they got their information from. If they got it from a book, for example the bible… What constitutes it as a credible piece of information? Just because it is an archaic heirloom of society doesn’t make it correct. It doesn’t make its teachings right or wrong, the fact that it is as old as it is, the amount of times it has been revised, suggests that we shouldn’t be learning from it in order to progress.

What we have to remember is we all know as much as each other, we are all subject to the same conditions, we are all branches off the same tree trying to make our way in this world.

  1. Uncertainty as a state of focused mind is equated to almost cognitive dissonance and neurosis in modern man. Mind hates vacuum so any answer is better than no answer. Uncertainty as a natural state of mind sounds abnormal and radical as it creates perception of questioning status quo even though it’s merely natural state of observing.

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