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Beating procrastination…

In Blog on December 4, 2012 at 11:34 pm

hp-recycle-bin-1-full-iconIf there was a profession for procrastinating, I would probably be one of the leaders in my field! Are there certain times a week where you just can’t be bothered to do anything? I know for myself at least, I binge on time that I haven’t  got to sit and think about once or twice a week… Fortunately I have the luxury as a part time student at the moment, but come February I will be considered full time which is a scary thought considering I haven’t studied seriously for about two years. (Excluding independent research)

Although I do a lot of sitting and thinking, I am active in a neurological sense. What I tend to do is over think a task that is laid out in front of me. I avoid the obvious, probably most important aspect of what I’m supposed to be doing and think about ways in which I could do it in a more elaborate fashion. I do believe that divergent thinking is good and very useful when philosophizing and being creative, but when it comes to focus I find it incredibly difficult to zone into that one simple task…

Another factor that induce procrastination and laziness with me is the Internet… There is so much going on around the world and the Internet just brings it all into one convenient, sometimes mind numbing place. It creates a work shy ADHD frenzy in me, where I want to connect, learn, chat to people and basically do anything else other than what I’m supposed to be doing.

When I want to be, I can be extremely focused and driven, though it takes some work and self discipline to reach that point. If you are reading this post and nodding your head to everything I have written so far, you probably have a similar problem, so I thought I would share the ways I find that help me beat the laziness!


Sometimes all it takes is a simple routine, a plan laid out for you to follow so you don’t have to think about organizing yourself. Just follow your predetermined directions and get on with it… No questions asked (You already know the answers).

Use a series of alarms and calendars both online and offline to achieve your goals! Google calendars is a great way for students to organize a timetable for school, college or university.

Remove the distractions…

You know what I’m talking about, the social networks that keep you glued to the screen watching hundreds of people narcissistically ramble about how boring their lives are or how much they love a certain thing…

  • Log out after every session… This way you will be more inclined to carry on with your goal.
  • For a more longterm approach deactivate or even delete an account if you are that addicted… 😮

Television, one of the most mind numbing contraptions ever invented… You may have thousands of channels to watch but does that mean you should watch them or even have them? No! Turn it off and think ahead of your goal! (The same applies for video games… Is that false sense of achievement really going to match the real satisfaction of achieving something worth while?)

Of course everyone is different, but these are simple and effective ways I use to beat procrastinating! However obvious, sometimes you just have to read/see it to understand what you have to do!





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