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In Blog on December 4, 2012 at 12:30 am

There are thousands of blogs, articles and other forms of media claiming they have the answer to becoming successful at marketing and promotion with social media, but how many have worked for you? How man times have you been offered this insightful information only to find it leaving you in the dark and confused at why it hasn’t worked…

Now there are a plethora of reasons why you’d want to build an audience for your website or product, but for me, the reason was to spread awareness about causes. Campaigns and events that I felt needed to be shared with the world, across a broad spectrum of subject matters. A worthy way to use a target audience and like minded people instead of trying to sell them something that would never work.

Well instead of ramble on for pages, rewording the same sentence for about three paragraphs to sound professional, here are the factors that helped me gain a large following:

Social Networking

  1. Researching my target audience

    • Find out what drives your potential audience and how they feel about certain topics.
    • What words or phrases are going to get them excited and willing to read a post?
    • Is there an incentive?
    • A lot of the time people don’t read posts from websites, but often share because it is relevant to their interests.
    • What times are they most active? Are they systematically online at certain points during the day, or do they appear to have random activity?
  2. Building my audience
    This is the most laborious task and one that requires discipline.
    But I assure you the outcome is worth it.
    In order to attain a large following you must sacrifice your egoratio. (How many followers/contacts to the amount you are being followed by) This is something that a few people I know have displayed whilst social networking… “People will come to me because I am interesting and insightful…” Wrong. The worst thing you can do is to keep sharing, expecting to get attention. What you need to do is follow or request as many contacts as possible, learning their interests and using websites that specifically track interests such as wefollow for twitter.

    Twitter Case Study

    Twitter for me has been the most successful way to build a following and the people on it are great, weird and wacky! My method for building such a diverse audience on twitter is to use wefollow alongside JustUnfollow. The influential accounts on twitter are the ones with the most active users and these are the accounts who’s followers you want to be following. You can check how influential an account is using wefollow. The Non followers function on JustUnfollow is invaluable and you can use this to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back, which is essential at first, especially after you have reached a follow limit. Literally the only way is to keep repeating these steps until you get people that follow you, increasing your follow/unfollow ratio which you can find out at TFFR along with more information about it. With this method I gained 1,000 followers in a week which speaks for itself!

  3. Essential functions for successful social networking

    • Using and Sharing in groups.
    • Attaching links to your profiles on your website(s).
    • Using tags or hashtags for posts/tweets.
    • Tagging friends/groups
    • Attaching links in e-mails to your profiles of your favorite social networks.

All these methods are transferable to other social networks as they all share similar frameworks and principles.

If you have anything else to add let me know and if I agree I will revise the post and add accordingly, but for now… Happy social networking!



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