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The moneyless man demo

In Blog on April 5, 2013 at 3:43 pm

This track is about those who are subject to poverty and to those who believe that money makes the world go around! There are other models of living and it’s time to educate people about alternative lifestyles that do work! The track is available to purchase on bandcamp for £0.70. (Ironic I know)


You said your life is just a joke my friend,
No cash to burn and no cash to spend.
In this world where money’s everything…

That’s not the way to be…
If you want to take your life back follow me!

To walk away from any sense of freedom
After all you’ve seen, said and done.
Your a fool beneath the words you wear

No, That’s not the way to be…
If you want to take your life back follow me!

Forget everything that you have learned
From the teachers that teach greed and hurt.
It’s time to learn humility on earth.

So, walk away whilst you have the key…
Unlock the only door to reality!

Grow your own food and let nature give
Independence from the current life you live
When all is done and money falls behind.

Yeah, this is how it should be…
If you want to take your life back follow me!

You said your life is just a joke my friend,
No cash to burn and no cash to spend.
In this world where money’s everything…

I said that’s alright with me…
If you want to waste your life then let it be!


Novel is writing itself…

In Blog on December 12, 2012 at 11:11 am


Well I hit twenty thousand words a couple of days ago and It was one of the greatest feelings ever! To feel and see progress with something that has become one of the hardest things I have had to do during my 21 years here!

I can see and feel myself getting better at writing as I move on and I have set my deadline to March 2013 which has motivated me to getting it finished, hopefully proofread and independently published!

I am getting extremely excited at the prospect of holding it in my hands for the first time, but that feeling can wait… I have over forty thousand more words to write for it to be considered a novel, so the race is on!

A lot of my personal feelings and philosophies have so far been influencing the storyline so its going to be strange reading it back for the first time. It’ll be like reading my own mind… Weird!

Here is a quote from the book to keep you interested:

“Power corrupts those that are weak to its forgiving nature. For some are helpless to their lesser urges of curiosity and temptation. A tragic human condition, which has led to our disastrous dismissal from nature as a species. The lack of uniformity and empathy that is encouraged by this closed system of take and take drives my longing for justice, true justice.”

Why cross a bridge when you can build one?

In Blog on December 5, 2012 at 12:03 pm

evolutionThere have been many moments in my life where I have just thought, what on earth am I doing? Whether it was a job or being associated with a circle of friends. These are the moments you need to just sit down and think, what am I going to do to get past this? How am I going to progress and learn as a person?

The truth is, the only way is to do… From experience if you find yourself unhappy in a situation, get out of it as soon as possible. Don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself because ultimately it is you, who has gotten yourself into this situation… Think about the long term effects instead of the short term. If it is a job that you hate, use it as motivation to get a new one, one that you feel comfortable in and find enjoyment out of! If you have the necessary skills, start a business and be your own boss!

If you look around and think there is nothing out there for me to do… You are just limiting yourself. Why would you want to fit into a predetermined role in society anyway, why be someone that you know you aren’t for the benefit of those around you? It is just going to become a vicious cycle of unhappiness and ignorance.

Instead, think of ways in which you can use your strengths, ways in which you can learn and gain skills to achieve what you want in life.

Why cross a bridge when you can build one?


Beating procrastination…

In Blog on December 4, 2012 at 11:34 pm

hp-recycle-bin-1-full-iconIf there was a profession for procrastinating, I would probably be one of the leaders in my field! Are there certain times a week where you just can’t be bothered to do anything? I know for myself at least, I binge on time that I haven’t  got to sit and think about once or twice a week… Fortunately I have the luxury as a part time student at the moment, but come February I will be considered full time which is a scary thought considering I haven’t studied seriously for about two years. (Excluding independent research)

Although I do a lot of sitting and thinking, I am active in a neurological sense. What I tend to do is over think a task that is laid out in front of me. I avoid the obvious, probably most important aspect of what I’m supposed to be doing and think about ways in which I could do it in a more elaborate fashion. I do believe that divergent thinking is good and very useful when philosophizing and being creative, but when it comes to focus I find it incredibly difficult to zone into that one simple task…

Another factor that induce procrastination and laziness with me is the Internet… There is so much going on around the world and the Internet just brings it all into one convenient, sometimes mind numbing place. It creates a work shy ADHD frenzy in me, where I want to connect, learn, chat to people and basically do anything else other than what I’m supposed to be doing.

When I want to be, I can be extremely focused and driven, though it takes some work and self discipline to reach that point. If you are reading this post and nodding your head to everything I have written so far, you probably have a similar problem, so I thought I would share the ways I find that help me beat the laziness!


Sometimes all it takes is a simple routine, a plan laid out for you to follow so you don’t have to think about organizing yourself. Just follow your predetermined directions and get on with it… No questions asked (You already know the answers).

Use a series of alarms and calendars both online and offline to achieve your goals! Google calendars is a great way for students to organize a timetable for school, college or university.

Remove the distractions…

You know what I’m talking about, the social networks that keep you glued to the screen watching hundreds of people narcissistically ramble about how boring their lives are or how much they love a certain thing…

  • Log out after every session… This way you will be more inclined to carry on with your goal.
  • For a more longterm approach deactivate or even delete an account if you are that addicted… 😮

Television, one of the most mind numbing contraptions ever invented… You may have thousands of channels to watch but does that mean you should watch them or even have them? No! Turn it off and think ahead of your goal! (The same applies for video games… Is that false sense of achievement really going to match the real satisfaction of achieving something worth while?)

Of course everyone is different, but these are simple and effective ways I use to beat procrastinating! However obvious, sometimes you just have to read/see it to understand what you have to do!




Using social media for good!

In Blog on December 4, 2012 at 12:30 am

There are thousands of blogs, articles and other forms of media claiming they have the answer to becoming successful at marketing and promotion with social media, but how many have worked for you? How man times have you been offered this insightful information only to find it leaving you in the dark and confused at why it hasn’t worked…

Now there are a plethora of reasons why you’d want to build an audience for your website or product, but for me, the reason was to spread awareness about causes. Campaigns and events that I felt needed to be shared with the world, across a broad spectrum of subject matters. A worthy way to use a target audience and like minded people instead of trying to sell them something that would never work.

Well instead of ramble on for pages, rewording the same sentence for about three paragraphs to sound professional, here are the factors that helped me gain a large following:

Social Networking

  1. Researching my target audience

    • Find out what drives your potential audience and how they feel about certain topics.
    • What words or phrases are going to get them excited and willing to read a post?
    • Is there an incentive?
    • A lot of the time people don’t read posts from websites, but often share because it is relevant to their interests.
    • What times are they most active? Are they systematically online at certain points during the day, or do they appear to have random activity?
  2. Building my audience
    This is the most laborious task and one that requires discipline.
    But I assure you the outcome is worth it.
    In order to attain a large following you must sacrifice your egoratio. (How many followers/contacts to the amount you are being followed by) This is something that a few people I know have displayed whilst social networking… “People will come to me because I am interesting and insightful…” Wrong. The worst thing you can do is to keep sharing, expecting to get attention. What you need to do is follow or request as many contacts as possible, learning their interests and using websites that specifically track interests such as wefollow for twitter.

    Twitter Case Study

    Twitter for me has been the most successful way to build a following and the people on it are great, weird and wacky! My method for building such a diverse audience on twitter is to use wefollow alongside JustUnfollow. The influential accounts on twitter are the ones with the most active users and these are the accounts who’s followers you want to be following. You can check how influential an account is using wefollow. The Non followers function on JustUnfollow is invaluable and you can use this to unfollow the people that don’t follow you back, which is essential at first, especially after you have reached a follow limit. Literally the only way is to keep repeating these steps until you get people that follow you, increasing your follow/unfollow ratio which you can find out at TFFR along with more information about it. With this method I gained 1,000 followers in a week which speaks for itself!

  3. Essential functions for successful social networking

    • Using and Sharing in groups.
    • Attaching links to your profiles on your website(s).
    • Using tags or hashtags for posts/tweets.
    • Tagging friends/groups
    • Attaching links in e-mails to your profiles of your favorite social networks.

All these methods are transferable to other social networks as they all share similar frameworks and principles.

If you have anything else to add let me know and if I agree I will revise the post and add accordingly, but for now… Happy social networking!



In Blog on December 3, 2012 at 10:36 am

This post is going to be about Speciesism, in particular which factors within modern societies are inducing ecological dissociation and apathy towards other species of animal. At first I was reluctant to post because it will be received as being controversial but as this is a place to share my thoughts here it goes…

For those of you that are unaware or unsure of what the term Speciesism means; It is a term coined by Richard Ryder in 1970 which refers to the widely held belief that the human species is inherently superior to other species which gives us rights or privileges that are denied to other forms of life.

After learning about Speciesism, you may think, well it is inherent and probably due to various environmental and sociocultural conditions during anthropological evolution. This is true and we do have an inherent moral obligation to protect our species over another (dependent on the situation), however after the realization or observation of prejudice towards other species of animal how can this behaviour be morally justified? Why has it become acceptable to treat other animals this way?

This apathy towards other species stems from years of indoctrinated dissociation between ourselves and the ecosystem, which is being predominantly promoted through culture particularly mass media. It is firmly embedded into almost all cultures around the world and what is worrying to me is that people accept it.

So what constitutes speciesist behaviour and how is it being promoted through culture?

As I said before behavior which implies that an individual is superior to another species of animal is speciesist behavior. This could be through actions such as physically harming or verbally abusing another species.

Here are a few aspects of society that you may be familiar with that are directly influencing speciesism:

  • Entertainment such as sports using other animals such as horse and grey hound racing, Circus’s etc…
  • Medicine in relation to testing on other animals, the longevity of life has become a real issue. Causing overpopulation not only affecting the ecosystem but quality of life for ourselves. We should be focused on quality rather than quantity after all we have to die some day…
  • Supermarkets and chain stores mass producing meat are a massive influence on apathy towards other species. Stacks of animal carcasses neatly cut, processed and marketed to psychologically distance people from the gruesome reality of animal slaughter.
  • Domesticating other animals, often induces objectification of another species.
  • Religion, superstition and spirituality are also an influence on apathy because of certain beliefs towards other species for reasons I won’t get into because it has become a sensitive subject and may become a theme for another post.
  • Language; The modernity and evolution of language has influenced speciesism because language allows us to understand our surroundings by associating words with what we can sense. I have noticed over the years that people are constantly dissociating themselves by the use and structure of phrases such as; stop behaving like animals. I am always baffled as to what the person thinks they are. What are we if not animals? Each to their own delusions I guess…

What then can be done about relieving speciesism from society?

Piglet 🙂

Well I think the acknowledgment that speciesism exists is a good start, it has helped me observe how others think and see other species of animal. Life style changes such as eating a plant based diet and using non-animal tested products are also a good way to avoid becoming speciesist and it also helps to educate others about the exploitation of other animals.

Something that has really helped me illustrate speciesism is the use of language, it may seem small but by thinking about the way in which you write or talk about another animal removes that subconscious thought that we aren’t animals . For example the use of the word other or another suggests that we are also a species of animal.

If you have any questions or anything to add feel free to add a comment below

The importance of uncertainty

In Blog on December 3, 2012 at 10:13 am

In order to understand uncertainty it is important to know the basic definition which is to be uncertain; not able to be relied on; not known or definite.

dailythinkUncertainty isn’t a tragic anthropological condition some people believe it to be. It is a fundamental and extremely important survival instinct noticeable within all living organisms, without which countless species would fail to exist. In conscious or sentient species uncertainty is a cognitive adaptation and enables an individual to form a decision within any situation to avoid as an example, a threat from a predator. This behavior however is also noticeable within species of flora such as poison ivy; which releases urushiol (an organic allergen) to protect itself from herbivores.

In relation to science and understanding the nature of the universe, uncertainty is a fundamental principle. If we remain certain about a particular law of physics for example we are limited to our understanding of the observable universe and many of our observations may conflict with said law.

It is with the diversity and collective reasoning of millions of people around the world that we have formed what I would like to call an alpha understanding of the universe. From this alpha (or first) understanding there is a basis for us to expand our knowledge by acknowledging that we are unsure of what we know.

When I hear people of religion, spirituality and superstition claiming to know the nature of life, you have to ask where they got their information from. If they got it from a book, for example the bible… What constitutes it as a credible piece of information? Just because it is an archaic heirloom of society doesn’t make it correct. It doesn’t make its teachings right or wrong, the fact that it is as old as it is, the amount of times it has been revised, suggests that we shouldn’t be learning from it in order to progress.

What we have to remember is we all know as much as each other, we are all subject to the same conditions, we are all branches off the same tree trying to make our way in this world.

What the frack?

In Blog on December 2, 2012 at 3:24 pm

So I heard on the news today that despite worries over safety and the exploitation of over 60 per cent of the British countryside, Ministers are preparing to push for the exploration of shale gas otherwise known as fracking.

What is fracking?

Fracking also known as hydraulic fracturing is an expensive technique and process used to retrieve natural gases such as shale and coal bed methane. Before getting to the source of natural gas, energy companies must build a massive drill capable of drilling up to 20,000 ft. Upon drilling, mass amounts of water and chemicals are pumped through the bore hole at high pressures to calm the flow making the gas easier to retrieve.

Why is fracking a problem?

In America there were some horrifying byproducts of Fracking such as contaminated rivers and lakes used for drinking water, earthquakes and gas leaks which are currently irreversible. People living nearby a Fracking drill often complain about health problems such as headaches, loss of senses and some have been known to contract serious terminal illnesses like Cancer.

Shale gas in Lancaster.

Shale gas in Lancaster.

Previous attempts at hydralic fracturing in the UK have demonstrated how unstable the process is. In Blackpool a trial run on a developing site, caused minor earthquakes worrying nearby residents and others around the North West.

Maps, drawn up by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and seen by The Independent, show the extent of potential development.

They suggest more than 32,000 square miles – or 64 per cent of the countryside – could potentially be exploited for shale gas and is being considered for exploration licences. – The Independent

This statement above worries me the most… There are countless sustainable alternatives, free alternatives! Yet because there is no profit in them large companies will cease to be interested… Chancellor George Osborne sees gas as an economic fuel for the UK, despite the climate concerns.This socio-economic and political agenda must be stopped but what can we do?

To find out more and what you can do visit this websites below:

Do you believe climate change is happening?

In Blog on December 1, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Obviously I am a student in Environmental Science and I am embedded firmly on the side of the 97% of climate scientists around the world, as an aspiring scientist myself, who agree that, yes anthropogenic (human related) climate change (Global warming) is happening. Nonetheless I am conducting a little social experiment to figure out how many people genuinely agree, those who do not and those who are unsure due to lack of information or interest!

So, please if you will, vote below on the poll I created!


Chasing Ice

In Blog on December 1, 2012 at 12:43 pm

A friend of mine studying the same course has brought the film Chasing Ice to my attention.  Intense Imagery highlighting the implications of climate change! After watching the trailer, I could tell it was an immediate must see film.  The imagery speaks for itself… The ice is melting much faster than we anticipated and the race is on to at least halt it. Being an optimist I believe we can do it, but we have to act now! We can’t go into this battle half arsed and expect others to support your lifestyle choices, we are all in this together and together we can change the outcome of what could soon be a cataclysmic event sweeping across the global north and south!


Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.