Thinking out loud


Writing has been a passion of mine since I can remember, writing short stories as a kid, non-fiction writing for university, for up-coming novels and now blogging! It is safe to say that writing and reading has been a big part of my life! Up until recently I didn’t think I could make it a career because I had other goals and visions of the future, but I guess we never really know what we want to do…

Although I do a lot of non-profit work, I have to eat! So I am offering my services to those that need it at a low cost! I love to write… When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing! I have decided to become a freelance writer part time whilst studying towards my degree, to help me progress and learn as a writer and let my voice be heard!

Content Writing / Copyrighting / Editing

I can write original and engaging content for your website starting at £6.25, I will thoroughly research  the product or subject and make the content search engine optimized. To get a quote on a piece use my e-mail provided below!

Creative Writing

I can write original and organic content for your website, to promote, inspire or advance your product or subject matter and make it fully search engine optimized. Starting at £6.75.


I can write an inspiring and original blog post for as cheap as £4.00.

To get a quote e-mail me at: contact (at)

In the e-mail please provide:

  • Subject
  • Word Count
  • Keywords
  • Website you want me to link to (if applicable)

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