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Novel is writing itself…

In Blog on December 12, 2012 at 11:11 am


Well I hit twenty thousand words a couple of days ago and It was one of the greatest feelings ever! To feel and see progress with something that has become one of the hardest things I have had to do during my 21 years here!

I can see and feel myself getting better at writing as I move on and I have set my deadline to March 2013 which has motivated me to getting it finished, hopefully proofread and independently published!

I am getting extremely excited at the prospect of holding it in my hands for the first time, but that feeling can wait… I have over forty thousand more words to write for it to be considered a novel, so the race is on!

A lot of my personal feelings and philosophies have so far been influencing the storyline so its going to be strange reading it back for the first time. It’ll be like reading my own mind… Weird!

Here is a quote from the book to keep you interested:

“Power corrupts those that are weak to its forgiving nature. For some are helpless to their lesser urges of curiosity and temptation. A tragic human condition, which has led to our disastrous dismissal from nature as a species. The lack of uniformity and empathy that is encouraged by this closed system of take and take drives my longing for justice, true justice.”


Why cross a bridge when you can build one?

In Blog on December 5, 2012 at 12:03 pm

evolutionThere have been many moments in my life where I have just thought, what on earth am I doing? Whether it was a job or being associated with a circle of friends. These are the moments you need to just sit down and think, what am I going to do to get past this? How am I going to progress and learn as a person?

The truth is, the only way is to do… From experience if you find yourself unhappy in a situation, get out of it as soon as possible. Don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself because ultimately it is you, who has gotten yourself into this situation… Think about the long term effects instead of the short term. If it is a job that you hate, use it as motivation to get a new one, one that you feel comfortable in and find enjoyment out of! If you have the necessary skills, start a business and be your own boss!

If you look around and think there is nothing out there for me to do… You are just limiting yourself. Why would you want to fit into a predetermined role in society anyway, why be someone that you know you aren’t for the benefit of those around you? It is just going to become a vicious cycle of unhappiness and ignorance.

Instead, think of ways in which you can use your strengths, ways in which you can learn and gain skills to achieve what you want in life.

Why cross a bridge when you can build one?


Writing for a cause

In Blog on December 1, 2012 at 10:37 am

I never thought I would become a writer, as a kid I always wanted to but somewhere along the traumas of adolescence the dream kind of faded out. It wasn’t until I started studying Environmental Science at University that I found myself again. Writing assignments for the socio-political side of environmental concerns, brought back the love of getting my understanding of the world out there for everyone to see.



I am currently writing my first novel: Ecollapse. It has been a journey so far, exploring my feelings towards particular areas of society and parts of the world that I think need to be liberated and possibly thrown away. Ecollapse is a story set in a post-cataclysmic world. Jenson Arms, an environmental scientist and activist reflects on how he tried to change the world before human activity and natural disasters wiped out the ecosystem, including more than half of the global population. Society is on the verge of collapse and it is up to Jenson and the Earthlings movement to figure out a new way to survive, that enables humanity to thrive without damaging what is left of planet Earth.

Now, I am not going to reveal anything else as I know it will be detrimental towards the process of writing and I am in the flow, with over five chapters already written. I expect the book to be published independently within the first few months of next year (providing we are still here). It’s exciting to think I may be an author soon so fingers crossed and make sure you follow this blog to keep up to date with where I am at!